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8GB USB stick containing all the sets recorded live from the Dominator event in September 2017.

CD1 Kanine b2b K Motionz b2b Subsonic b2b Complex - Mampi Swift b2b Nicky Blackmarket

CD2 Grooverider - Brockie - Micky Finn - Logan D

CD3 Heist - Voltage - Majistrate - Mind Vortex b2b Annix

CD4 Turno - Pleasure - Nu Elementz & T>I

CD5 Slipz - Inter - Blackley

CD6 Upgrade - Limited

CD7 Sly - Ego Trippin - Pacso - Jayline

CD8 Hizzleguy - Klip b2b Outlaw - Ruff Stuff - Lady V Dubz

We want to say a massive thank you to all the artists, promoter's and everyone else behind the scenes who worked tirelessly to create such an unforgettable night for our Dominator. It really is appreciated.

Most importantly, we want to thank each and every raver for making the atmosphere so electric. The love and support from the whole Drum and Bass scene has been so overwhelming and we know how much this would have meant to Neil. Without you all, this night wouldn't have been possible, so thank you.

Lastly, thank you so so much for purchasing these recordings. The monies are received with great gratitude from Dom's little family.

Enjoy listening and reliving the amazing tribute to the one and only Dominator.

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